b2c Med Education is an overseas educational recruitment partner, a pioneer in the field of Philippines overseas medical education has brought medical education to the doorstep of every student. Studying Medicine in the Philippines is not only affordable but equips you to become a Doctor with world-class standards.

Keeping in mind the shortage of doctors due to seat availability in India, as experts in medical counseling for Philippines education, our professional counseling team ensures that you get absolute clarity in all aspects and have great study experience.

b2c Med Education is an exclusive recruitment partner in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana from India for the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta & Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines. We help parents/students to get to know the admission procedures easily.

Our counselors can guide students and parents through the entire process of arranging studies abroad from selecting a course and ensure that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future. Our team of highly experienced counselors actively engages with students to access and adapt to an ever-changing environment through an understanding of culture, analysis of data, thoughtful planning, adherence to laws of the country, etc.

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Indian students recruited for Philippines Medical Institutions

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